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Quote swa123 Replybullet Topic: sms controller using nokia
    Posted: 12-Jan-2010 at 11:46am

my final year proj deals with sms controller using nokia.. can anyone give me the details  like the circuit, code...

thanks in adv
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Quote TnagarSharath Replybullet Posted: 27-Feb-2010 at 10:52am
Came across this from a blog....hope it might help you....

SMS Controller from Nokia Mobile using PIC

This is a very useful full duplex wireless communication system which can control devices miles away. This SMS controller will detect inputs & send SMS’s to the users mobile & also it will receives users SMS’s & turn on separate relay outputs very accurately.


* High Speed Nokia FBUS Ver2 Protocol Implementation
* 4 Channel Sensor Inputs
* 4 Channel Relay Outputs
* SMS Status LEDs


There are 4 inputs & 4 outputs. You can connect 4 sensors to these inputs ex: PIR sensors, magnetic window sensors etc…..& for the 4 output relays you can connect buzzers or electric door closers etc….

When any of the inputs get triggered then the SMS controller will send a SMS to the users mobile phone (users mobile number will preloaded to the program).ex: “ZONE-1-AL” will send to the users mobile notifying that in the zone1 there’s an input.

When any of the input presents the “Input Presence” LED will light up. After a short while a SMS will sent to the user. If the SMS successfully sent then the “SMS Sent” LED will lights up for a short time. If the “SMS Send Fail” LED lights up then the SMS has not sent by the SMS controller. This happens due to network busy or no signal conditions.

When the user receives any of these SMS messages ex: “ZONE-1-AL”, “ZONE-2-AL”, “ZONE-3-AL”, “ZONE-4-AL” you can send a SMS & control any relay in the SMS controller. If you send a SMS “ZONE-1-RL-ON” the SMS controller will automatically receives this SMS & turn on the Relay1.Likewise you can control all 4 relays in the controller.

When the SMS controller receives a SMS it will indicate in the “New SMS” LED telling that there is a new SMS. But it will take the action by reading the proper message sent by the user.

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Senior Member

Joined: 21-Sep-2008
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Quote kranthikumar Replybullet Posted: 27-Feb-2010 at 11:23am
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