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Quote Karthik Replybullet Topic: Controlling a Remote Cont. Car With a Computer
    Posted: 27-Jan-2010 at 1:35pm
Remote controlled cars have come a long way since the days when they were controlled by radio alone. Today you can find mods offering everything from microwave to Bluetooth controls, thereby providing avid hobbyists countless new ways to hit the track. The latest craze may be using your PC as a hybrid driving sim/live controller.

Things You'll Need:

Soldering iron
Digital servo converter
Bluetooth serial adapter
Joystick or steering wheel
Wire strippers
Electrical tape

Prepare a Bluetooth Connection

1. Make a serial connector for your freestanding Bluetooth adapter so it can connect with the digital converter.

2. Fasten AA batteries to the power leads on the Bluetooth adapter for an independent power source.

3. Fasten a 9-volt battery to the digital servo controller so the board remains "hot" in transit.

4. Connect the servo controllers in the car with your digital servo converter by soldering the leads together.

5. Turn on the Bluetooth adapter and wait at least 90 seconds for it to orient itself.

6. Turn on the digital converter.

7. Handshake the Bluetooth adapter with your PC Bluetooth transmitter. (The customary default code is 0000.)

Operate Your Vehicle

1. Boot up software that allows you to control the car with a computer I/O device such as a joystick or steering wheel. You may need to make some modifications to your exiting Bluetooth transmitter to ensure it is sending out decipherable signals to the motor.

2. Consider upping the Bluetooth signal strength using a signal booster if you want to increase the effective range of your control.

3. Boot up any computer video controls you desire. This is especially useful if you plan to control your vehicle remotely via the Internet. For live telemetry, it may be necessary to up the power rating on your Bluetooth serial adapter--many hobby stores offer units with greater range and speed.

4. Program complex sets of controls using Visual Basic or Java if you want to choreograph more than one vehicle at once. Trial and error should reveal a number of simple ways to get repeatable action without having to slow down for processing time at either end.

Source - eHow
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Quote swethareddy Replybullet Posted: 03-Feb-2010 at 1:26pm
hey please send abstract 4 that project b4 eve ... (if u come to online).. i need abstract for computer control vehicle movement using scada
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Joined: 19-Oct-2008
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Quote Karthik Replybullet Posted: 25-Feb-2010 at 5:34am
Hi Swetha,

sorry abt the delay...dint notice ur post...

I just have the steps for doing the project...not the completed one....may be you can check out the following links for downloads regarding computer controlled vehicles....




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