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Quote fanofchennai Replybullet Topic: Any ideas on civil projects??
    Posted: 11-Aug-2009 at 10:50pm
Any ideas on civil projects??
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Quote Booma Replybullet Posted: 11-Aug-2009 at 10:51pm
Came thro these online....

1.Use of piezoresistive materials for health monitoring of buildings
2.Design of an Earthquake Proof One Family House
3.Role of MEMS in elevating bridges to a level of "SMART BRIDGES"!
4.Use of smart materials in building a "self-healing" civil structure!
5.Potential Use of Natural Red Mud as Pozzolan for Portland Cement

>> For more project ideas -> Interesting Civil Engineering Final Year Projects

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Quote Szponder Replybullet Posted: 17-Sep-2009 at 2:56pm
Health and Safty in engineering manufacture, this could go over 20 pages:D
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Quote Prabha Replybullet Posted: 21-Feb-2010 at 8:22pm
Civil Project Topics to choose from:

High Performance Concrete Pavements (sponsors, MSHA, FHWA, Concrete Industry)
Design of a Single-track Railway Network Arch Bridge
New technology Based Approach to Advance Higher Volume Fly Ash Concrete with Acceptable Performance
Evaluation of Aggregate for Masonry Mortar: Aggregate Characteristics and Impact on Mortar Properties
Use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Tags in Hot Mix Asphalt
Calibration of Rutting Models for HMA Structural and Mix Design
Economical Study of Rigid Pavement by Using the Used Foundry Sand
Implementation of the NCHRP 1-37A Design Guide

Project Management:
Market equilibrium models of natural gas markets
Multiobjective optimization and statistical modeling for management of wastewater treatment processes
Viable Options a Shipper has in Using Different Logistic Solutions
Complementarity Models for Electric Power Market Equilibria
Optimization Models for Electric Power Retailers
Models and methods for wireless, reconfigurable, ring topology free space optical networks
Analysis of the State of Maryland's potential participation in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative
Waste of Material in the Construction Industry
Multiobjective optimization for Smart Growth in land development

A Forgotton Cultural Heritage Revitalized into a Conference Hotel
Management of Montgomery County Parking Garages

An Applied Technology and Traffic Analysis Program (ATTAP)
Traffic Monitoring System
Dynamic Decision Making for Less-Than-Truckload Trucking Operations
Container Ship Stowage Planning with Quay Crane Utilization
Existing Right-of-way Plats Database GIS Applications
Optimal Scheduling of Evacuation Operations

Water Resources:
Optimal Design and Operation of Wastewater Treatment Plants
Evaluation of the National Flood Insurance Program 1-Percent Annual Chance Flood Standard
Interagency Performance Evaluation Taskforce (USACE)
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Quote Prabha Replybullet Posted: 21-Feb-2010 at 8:29pm
Construction of PSC Girders
Wind driven plate tectonics
Personal Rapid Transit systems for reduction in car dependence
Goal Oriented Estimation of Errors due to Modal Reduction in Dynamics
On finding paths and flows in multicriteria, stochastic and time-varying networks
Examination of a GIS-Based Water Quality Model using USGS Gaged Watersheds
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