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Quote PrashanthS Replybullet Topic: Latest list of Embedded Microcontroller Projects
    Posted: 20-Aug-2009 at 6:34am
Adaptive Lighting System for Automobiles
Traffic Priority for Ambulance
Distributed Control System
Distributed Input for Microcontroller
Distributed Output System.
Current Loop Modem Communication from MC to MC
Current Loop Modem Communication from MC to PC
Railway Helpline Display
Ultrasonic Alarm for Visually Impaired
Infrared USART For Microcontroller
DTMF Generation using Microcontroller
Data Logger With Graphics Display
Smart Beds
Remote RPM Data Logger
Soil Moisture Controller
Programmable Hopper Controller
Programmable Outgoing Barring System for Telephones
Servo Motor Speed Control using IR Remote
RC5 Decoder
Long Distanced Communication using IR
Programmable Wire Feeder For Welding Robots
High Precision Digital Timer
Temperature Data Logger
Programmable Serial Hub
Level Sensor With 4-20ma O/P
Ultrasonic Vibration Detector
Modular IR Remote Control For Industrial Automation
ECG Data Acquisition through IR
Networking Based on IR
Oscilloscope using Graphics LCD
Heart Beat Monitor And Recorder
RS 485 Extender
RS 485 Repeater
Remote Dish Positioning System
Mark Announcement System using Telephone
Glass Cutting Machine
Blood Dripping System
Telephone Operated Temperature Control System with Remote Control
Air Velocity Monitor
Monitoring System for UPS.
Security System for Remote Access using Telephone Line
Telephone Call Meter with Call Over Alarm
Prepaid Card for Call Taxi
Prepaid Cable Card System
Accident Alertness in Vehicles
UPS Monitoring System
Wire Less Communication From PC To C
Power Monitoring System for Motors
Motor Monitoring System (V,I,F, Temp, Pf)
Telephone Operated Remote Robot
Respiration Monitor
Moving Message 16 Character Display
EPROM Programmer
Complete Boiler Guard
FRC Meter
Servo Motor Speed Controller with Feedback
Weather Monitoring
Electronic Voting Machine
IR Data Analyzer
Wire Less communication From Pc To Pc
PC To PC communication Through Laser/IR
Stepper Motor controlled By Remote Control
Digital Code Locking System
Message Transfer System Through Telephone
Automatic Pumping System for Vehicles
Door Security System
Dish Positioning using Wiper Motor
Code lock for electrical devices
Noise and vibration detectors
Inbuilt protector for motors
Servo Motor Speed Controller
Fuel Gas Detection Robot In Remote
Temperature controlled System
Automatic Wheel Alignment Robot
Pc to Microcontroller communication Through USART.
Home Automation System
Input Water Sensing And Overhead Tank Filling System
Digital Panel System
Motor Speed Reverse, Jogging, Breaking And Plugging System
Digital Weight Analyzer for Weight Bridge
Automatic Bus Fair System
Digital Frequency Meter
Light Brightness control Depends Upon Sunlight Intensity
Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
Automatic Panel System
I2C Based Sequential Logic System
I2C Based Storage Oscilloscope
I2C Based Temperature Recording System
I2C Based High Security Data Transmission
I2C EPROM Programmers
I2C Based Running Message System
I2C Based Weather Station Recorder
I2C Based Security Code Locks
I2C Based Wind Speed Recorder
Smart Cards with I2C EPROM
IR adaptor for I2C BUS
Automatic Drilling System.
Satellite Tracking System
Home Appliances Controlled Through Telephone
Robot Operated Through Voice
Automatic Packing Machine
Object Counter
Smart Card Security Systems using I2C Devices
Telephone Account Recorder
Temperature Monitoring And Recording Device
Addressable Remote Transmitter Through mains communication.
Solar Tracking System.
Motor Speed control using IR Sensor
DC Motor Speed controlled using Remote
Remote control for Home Appliance
Digital Anemometer
TSR Based Multi Channel Motor Speed Monitor
Telephone Answering Machine
Hack Saw Controller
Electronic Voting Machine using LCD Display and EPROM for Memory Interface
Voice Operated Home Appliance control System
Remote Data Logging using Current Loop Modems
Irrigation control system
Air Leakage Detection Based on Pressure Sensor
Digital Storage Tachometer
Closed Loop control for Servo Stabilizer
Crack Detector
Digital IC Tester
Air and Fuel Ratio control System for Furnace
Fuzzy Logic Based Heat Exchanger with Simulation Result
Digital Clock Based on Real Time Clock(RTC) IC
Automatic Dim Dipper Programmable ON/OFF Timer Control
RF Signal Generator
Depth Measurement Based on LVDT
Wire Position Sensor Encoder and Distance Measurement
Telephone Switching
Automatic Ticketing Machine
Fuzzy Logic Based Flow Control
EPROM Simulators
Quality Control System
Weather Monitor
Object Detection using Ultrasonic Waves
IR Light Dimmer
Automatic Railway Gate Controlling System
Data Logger Based on RS 232 Serial Communication
Voice Operated Robot
Position control System
Wireless Water Level Controller
Weight Balance Cum Controller
Portable Recording System for Monitoring Vehicle Speeds
Vehicle Speed Storage System
Motion Recorder & Play Back
Security Recording Station Cards
Long Distance Communication for I2C EPROM Devices
Traffic Light Priority Control for Emergency Vehicles
Signal Plotter Based on Graphic Led
Paint Spraying Robot
Telephone Operated Machine
Lift control System
Priority for Emergency Vehicles in Traffic Signals
8 - Channel Water Level Controller
Programmable Multi Channel Water Level Controller
Color Detection using Image Processing
Pigment Adding System using Image Processing
Glass Breakage Detector
In-Circuit Programmer for ATMEL Controllers
PC interfaced Data Acquisitions System
Microcontroller Based Machine Monitoring
Watt-Hour-Meter using Microcontroller
Tyre pressure monitoring system
Optical Thermometer
Transmission Sensor For Remote Car Starter
FFT Implementation in Microcontrollers
Temperature Monitoring using Thermocouple
Temperature Monitoring using Thremistor
Precision Temperature Sensing Using RTD
Pressure Transmitter
Wireless Home security System
Tilt Measurement Using Microcontroller
Credit Card Reader
Environmental Monitoring
Cryptography using Microcontroller
Battery Level Monitor
IR Car Detector for Changing Lanes
RH Controller
Oil-Tank Level Indicator
3 phase Monitor
Motor position Control
Conveyer Controller
Multi-Zone Temperature Monitoring
Vibration Sensing System
Motor speed control through power line
Induction motor speed monitoring & control using PWM Technique
Heat exchange controller
SCADA Implementation in microcontroller
Generator Synchronization.
Fire Monitor using Microcontroller
On-load Tap-change for power transformer
Transformer protection system
Automatic humidity control for refrigerator
Scrolling message Display
Multi-channel Temperature Monitor & controller
Embedded Intelligent security System
Power factor monitor & control
Electricity theft Identification using RF Modems
Smart Networking
Voltage - Current, speed monitor through power line
Industrial monitor.
SMS Through landline
Production counter
Automatic dyeing machine
Maximum demand power meter
Automatic Phase Changer
Hospital connecting system
Accident identification system
Embedded lift controller
Intelligent traffic light controller
AVR for alternators
Mileage meter
PC- printer communication through power line
Machine control & fault recognition through telephone
Building automation system.
Incubator control system
Attendance recorder
Power room monitor with data logger
Energy billing through main line.
Automatic pattern cutting M/C in garments
Computer controlled vehicle
Coil - winding machine
EMG monitor
IC-engine monitoring system
Tension control system
Bank locker security system with SMS mobile alert
Centralized wireless monitoring in textile industries
Precise yarn thickness measurement
Automatic car parking controller using RF ID
Automatic weighing Bridge
Soft starter with overload tripping
Accident identification with auto dialer
Automatic shutter control system with intelligent security system
Car security system
Wind Mill Control System
Remote cable disconnection system
Tele monitoring patient through Internet
Wireless security system
Sequential control system for conveyer system
On line weighing balance
PLC based motor protection system
Boiler Controller
Automatic room control system
Telephone interface security system
Digital Taxi Meter
GPS-Based Accident Identification System for Vehicles
GPS Based train or bus or Aircraft Collision Avoidance
Serial Port Security Key
Anesthesia Control System for Medical Application
Maximum Demand Control
Weight& Height Measurement with printer Facility
Telephone Operated Motor Control
Sound Level Meter
Reactive Power Compensation
Locker Security Monitor
Remote control Using Modem
Automatic Bus Fare System Using RFID
Stroboscope based speed control system
Luminosity Meter
Wireless Voting Machine
Wireless Keypad
Video signal transmitter
Remote Security System
Wireless Door Control System
Remote control using GSM
IR Remote Control
Capacitance Meter
Remote Mouse Controlled Automation
Time Annunciation
Secured Data Acquisition System
Single Phase Preventer
Automatic Street Light ON-OFF Controller
Electronic Circuit Breaker
Refrigeration Using Remote Modem Interface
I.V. Drip Through Motor Controller
Telephone Line Monitor
Personal Safety And Tracking Through GPS
Ultrasonic Level Monitor
RF Based Automation
Card Based Message Transferring.
RF Card Based Security Accessing.
RF Based Billing System.
RF Based Data Retrieving System
RF Based House Security System
IVRS Based Data
Status Updating through Card System
Data feeding system through card.
Data Sharing through communication port with LCD Display
Field Identification System
ID Card Identification
Device Switching through Card System.
Device Switching through Finger Reorganization System.
Automatic Voice Dialer
Power Theft Indicator
Phone Book Dialer
Rescue Indicator
Chemical Titration
Load Sharing using DC Motors
Temperature Voice Announcement System

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