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Quote PrashanthS Replybullet Topic: Latest list of Biomedical Projects
    Posted: 20-Aug-2009 at 6:40am
Device to Measure the Stiffness of Intact Mouse Heart
Fetal Heart Beat Monitor
Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Pressure Monitor
Multi Channel Temperature Monitor for Surgery
An MRI Compatible Infusion Pump
Portable Patient Training Device For Lung Cancer Treatment
Robotic Image Guide Biopsy
Probing the Experience of Pain
Assessment of Intrapleural Pressure Changes
Portable Computer-Aided Drug Dispenser
Eye Movement Measurement In MRI
Automatic Metered Dose Inhalant (MDI)
Mechanical Testing System Coupled with an Environmental Chamber
Tongue Pressure Sensor System
A model of CSF flow in the Human Cardio vertertebral Junction
Biofeedback/Stress Management
Epilepsy Monitor
Eye Drop Device
Development of an Exhaled Breath Condensate System for use During Exercise
Hospital Connecting System
Use of intravascular ultrasound probe to improve biopsy yield
Ergonomic ultrasound probe
A system for objective measures of patient functions related to quality of life
Weighing balance for Pharmaceutical industry
Biomedical Health card design
Electro Oculogram
Electro Gustogram
Automatic medicine announcement system
Add on mixing chamber for mechanical ventilator
Multi-IV Fluid feed system
Pulse rate monitor
Device Controller for Quadaplegics
Short Range Medical Telemetry System
Audible Thermometer
Fiber optic transmission of biomedical parameters
Patient monitoring system
Blood gas analyzer
Blood-flow meter
Automatic Defibrillator
EEG Monitor & Analyser
ECG Monitor & Analyser
EMG Monitor & Analyser
Coordination Performance Tester
Electro retinogram
Telemetry With PC
Internet Based Telemetry System
Personal Identification and Verification Based on Multiple Biometric Features
Face Detection Recognition and Tracking
Personal Identification Based on Handwriting
Biometric access control system
Pre-processing of the iris image
Biometric security system
Personal Identification Based on Live Iris Recognition
Human Gait Analysis and Recognition
MRI Phantom
Thermal Therapy Device
Depth of Anesthesia Monitor
Biomedical Application for Virtual-Reality
Interactive audiometer
Spiro meter
Blood gas analyzer
Blood-flow meter
Mind Switch
Syringe infusion Pump
Bio-Tele monitoring
Heart Beat Monitor
Respiration Monitor
Pressure Monitor
Drips Monitor
Home Healthcare Device
Sweat Measurement System
Walking Distance Monitor
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