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Quote Vish Replybullet Topic: Computer Interfaced Projects
    Posted: 07-Sep-2009 at 9:37pm
Remote Rpm Data Logger using IR Remote Control
Finger Print Ignition System
Finger Print Locking System
RS232 To RS485 Converter
RS232 To RS422 Converter
PC To PC Communication using Infra Red
Long Distance Communication using Current Loop Modems
Pump Test Bench Automation
Motor Test Bench Automation
Load Torque Analyzer
SMS Station For Database Interface
Real Time Machine Control With GSM Modem
Real Time Machine Control using Cell Phones
SMS Mark Announcement System
Network Implementation In GSM Modem
Code Card Security
Garden Waterner
Humidity Controller
Multi Channel Fire Sensing System
Temperature Controller
Object Measurement using PC
Isolated RS232 To TTL Converter
I2C Interface For LPT Ports
I2C Interface For RS232 Ports
Infrared USART For PC
PC To PC Communication using GSM Modem
Crane Robot
Temperature Scanner
DC Motor Speed Control
Auto Target System
3 Axis control System for Conventional M/C
Attendance System for Industries
PC based PID Controller
PC Controlled Transformer Winding M/C
PC based Motor Management System
DC Motor Speed Control with Programmable Sequence
Telegraph Transmitter
Security System
Computer Controlled Weather Station
Artificial intelligence based Railway gate control system
Artificial Intelligence Based Robotic Controller
Artificial Intelligence Based Security System.
Artificial Intelligence Based Solar Tracking System
Artificial Intelligence Based Maximum Demand Controller
Auto Attendance Recorder for Office
Digital Delay on Sound Sampler with Computer Interface
Traffic Light Controller using PC
2 Axis Robot (Programmable)
Automobile Engine Rpm Recorder
Street Light Control Through Computer
Security Code Lock using PC & FDD
PC Based Digital Clock
PC Based 7 Segment Rolling Message Display
Remote Controlled Switch Board
RS 232 Computer Interfaced Chatting with File Transmission
EPROM Programmer for IBM PC
Multi Tank Level Monitoring & Controlling
Satellite Tracking System
Signal Generator
Computerized IC Tester
2-Way Remote Control
Computer Interfaced Mill Volt Source
Computer Driven Power Controller
Solar Panel Tracking System Interfacing PC
Home Security System with Bluetooth Technology
Analog Input/Output System
8-Bit Input/Output Bus
Computer Oscilloscope
Stepper Motor control Via Parallel Port
PC based Maximum Demand Controller
Computer Controlled Light Dimmer
Computer Controlled Fluid Level Controller for Chemical Plants
Railway Accident Monitoring System
Programmable Sports Lap Timer
Patient Monitoring system
Current Monitor
Power Monitor
Smart Battery Monitoring System
PC Based Multi Input RPM Meter
PC based protection for I/O parts
Auto leveling unit
PC based machine shop controller
SMS controlled electrical appliances
ECG Data Transfer Through Bluetooth
PC based programmable coil winding machine
PC based Traffic Regulation
Computer Controlled Mobile Material Transfer
Multi Channel Logic Analyzer
Multiple Vehicle Simulation Consoles.
2D Object Grabber Using Discrete Sensors.
Security System Based on PC
Automation of Power Generator Control using PC
Toll Booth Automation
PC Based Data Acquisition System
Remote Data Acquisition And Control System
Flow Control Through Fuzzy Logic
Stepper Motor Sequential Drive
8-Character Running Message Display
PC Operated Drilling Machine
Production Line Monitoring System
PC based Frequency Meter
PC based Multimeter
Voltage Monitor     
Intelligent Luminance Control
Computer Interfaced Home Control system
Maximum Demand Controller
Power Factor Controller
Computer Based Path Finder
ECG analyzer
Intelligent Fire Alarm with Bluetooth Communication
PC-Based 24 Channels Temperature Recorder
PC based CRO
PC based Function generator
PC based protection for I/O parts
PC Based machine shop automation
PC based Mark Announcement System

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