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Latest list of Digital Electronics Projects

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Topic: Latest list of Digital Electronics Projects
Posted By: PrashanthS
Subject: Latest list of Digital Electronics Projects
Date Posted: 20-Aug-2009 at 6:26am - House Security System
Adaptive Lighting System for Automobiles - Electronic Code Lock
Ultrasonic Alarm for Visually Impaired
Small Power Converter - Walking Stick with Heart Attack Detection
FRC Meter
Intelligent Car Lighting System - Solar Tracking System
Ignition Control Through Remote
Ultrasonic Proximity Sensor
Infra Red based Remote Control
Infra Red based Stepper Motor Speed Control
IR Repeater
Infra Red Proximity Sensor
Intelligent Electronic Lock
Vibration Sensor
Fan Speed Controller using Infrared
Security System based on PIR
DTMF based IR Proximity Sensor
Multi Channel Tacho Scanner
Infra Red Operated Relay
Precision Amplifier with Digital Controller
Precision Attenuator
Cano Meter
Conference Timer
Automatic Room Light Controller
Phase Failure Relay
Blind Stick Using Infrared
Feather Tough for Electrical Appliances
Digital Fan Speed Regulator
Programmable Priority Time Switch
Programmable Digital Timer Cum Clock
Intelligent Electronic Lock
Voting Machine
Infra Red based Position Controller using Stepper Motor
Telephone Controlled Remote Switch
Pipe-Length Measurement for HDPE Plants Digital Based
Digital Voltage Scanner
Digital Code Lock
Long Duration Timer with Accuracy
Temperature Controller
Digital STD Call Meter
Digital Bank Token Number Display
LCD Digital Thermometer
Stepper Motor Driver
Sequential Switching for Industrial Application
Drilling Machine Speed Controller
Engine RPM Meter
Speedo Meter for Vehicles
Object Counter for Industries
Printer Sharing Box
Digital Modern Led Voltmeter
Multi Channel Logic Analyzer
Multi Channel Tacho Scanner Cum Controller
Remote Tachometer
Fabric Tear Sensor
Motor Speed Controller
Intelligent Switch
Precision Timer
Automatic Spray Painting Gun
Hire Meter for Automobiles
Main Phase Sequence Indicator
Universal Digital Function Generator
Object Counter for Industrial Application
Rpm Meter with Torque Indication
5-Digit Interruption Counter
Digital Programmable Dark Room Controller
7-Day Timer/Controller
Digital Based Meter(V, I, Ohms)
Voltage Monitor
Current Monitor
Pressure Monitor
Telephone Controlled Generic Switching System
Programmable Melody Generator
Digital Switching System
Precise Digital AC Power Controller
Binary To Dot-Matrix Decoder
Security Monitoring System
EPROM Copier
Hexadecimal Keyboard
Programmable Volume Control
Mains Frequency Indicator
Digital Depth Measurement
Digital Thermometer
Digital Based Stepped Output Voltage
Tale Recorder for Industries
Digital Control of Machines
Traffic Light control System
Automatic Transformer Winding Control   System
Digital Slope Measurement
Digital Tachometer
Advanced Elevator Control
Versatile Variable Duration Digital Timer
Access Controlled System
Stepped Power Supply
Electronic Card Locking System
Contact Less AC Main Voltage Detector
Stepped Power Supply
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Posted By: Mahamutha
Date Posted: 24-Jul-2010 at 1:34pm
I need the complete description of the projects please help me sir/mam
1.Traffic Light control System
2.Telephone Controlled Generic Switching System
3.Digital Bank Token Number Display
please reply me sir/mam as soon as possible

Posted By: PrashanthS
Date Posted: 07-Sep-2010 at 4:29pm
Hi Mahamutha....I ve just listed these topics to give you an idea...please post asking for details in a separate thread so that members could respond....

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